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Michael Koutzun, CIP

VP, Client Executive
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(780) 930-4447

Mike’s passion to compete and build strong relationships is evident. Prior to joining the insurance industry, Mike played competitive hockey. Following many years in the rink, he attended the Insurance and Risk Management program at Grant McEwan and is now an Account Executive and Partner with NFP. He focuses on creating client specific insurance and risk management programs for the following industries - Trucking (LTL (less than load), Light haul, pipe haul, heavy haul & rig moving, etc), Forestry – Logging contractors & Chipping, log haul & chip haul, Sawmills, Oilfield, Dirt work, building roads, lease site prep and wood products/crating. Mike believes in building long lasting relationships with his clients. Insurance to him is about doing business the right way by separating your product, service or ability by proving that you care about protecting your clients best interests and assets.

Mike is thankful for the education and experience that he has gained and gives back through volunteering at Grant McEwan in the Insurance and Risk Management program. Outside of work, he continues to enjoy Hockey, movies, golf, camping, hanging out with family and friends. 

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