Oil & Gas Insurance

Insurance for the Energy Industry

Foster Park Brokers Inc. has the expertise and experience to position your company to handle whatever comes your way. We know the energy industry. In fact, we broker the insurance for more oil & gas related contractors than any other broker. We are the leading firm for managing the risk for companies involved in:

  • Exploration and Drilling
  • Field Services
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • Pipelining
  • Engineering and Consulting
  • Production & Disposal
  • Construction
  • Well Servicing & Support
  • Testing, Commissioning, Decommissioning
  • Environmental
  • Supply, Rentals, Sales

Foster Park Brokers Inc. has a large team of insurance professionals dedicated to serving the needs of the energy industry. As a client of Foster Park Brokers Inc., you can expect to be dealing with the best our industry has to offer. Because we use the resources of Canada’s top insurers, you benefit with the proper plan suited specifically for you, at the right price and with the right approach to risk.

We understand the oil and gas industry is growing at a rapid rate; however, we also understand that the entire industry continues to work safer than ever before. Companies who are a part of this growth need advice from a broker who not only understands the risks that are involved in managing a business in this environment, but also from a broker who plays an active role in supporting the continued safety of the Oil & Gas industry. After all, it is the industry we work in as well.

What else would you expect from the industry leader? Call today and discover more.