Information Technology

Today’s Information Technology firms face a multitude of challenges to find suitable coverage for their increasingly dynamic exposures. Solution – Foster Park Brokers Inc. offers a great selection of programs that can choose from to ensure the coverage your business needs today… and tomorrow.

Broad Range of Business Risk profiles

  • Professional and Information Technology Services: Errors & Omissions coverage for Technology based services but also for other types of non-technology related service that you may provide.
  • Technology Products: computer or telecommunication hardware or software or related electronic product.
  • Network Security including: theft of data, unauthorized access, malicious code and denial of service attacks.
  • Multimedia and Advertising including coverage for:
    • defamation, libel, slander, product disparagement
    • invasion of or interference with the right to privacy or of publicity
    • misappropriation of any name or likeness for commercial advantage
    • plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation of ideas
    • infringement of copyright
    • infringement of trade dress, domain name, title or slogan
    • misappropriation of trade secret