Surety/Contract Bonding

Surety/Contract Bonding

If your surety needs are complex, Foster Park has the expertise and relationships with all of the surety companies in Canada to secure the support your company requires. Our surety professionals understand that a strong surety program can be the competitive edge a contractor needs in order to achieve their financial goals.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with the various surety companies and having a good understanding of their respective appetites. We believe in matching contractors with a suitable surety company in order to develop a strong surety program.

Foster Park offers the following surety products:

  • Bid Bonds, Consents of Surety & Pre-qualification Letters
  • Performance & Labour & Material Payment Bonds
  • Lien Bonds and Release of Hold Back Bonds
  • Developer Bonds
  • Other Specialty Surety Bonds


As you may be aware, the City of Calgary recently moved to electronic bidding utilizing an online tendering platform called Merx. In order to be truly paperless, the City of Calgary decided that after August 28th, 2015 they would no longer accept paper copies of tender stage surety prequalification documents such as bid bonds and consents of surety. This move to e-tendering and e-bonding sets an industry precedent and there have already been rumours circulating of other cities, municipalities, provincial ministries and federal departments following suit.

Foster Park Brokers Inc. has established its place as a leading broker in the e-bonding process. Foster Park is registered with both the Xenex SignatureMaster and Mobile Bonds e-bonding platforms to ensure that our clients are able to choose the platform that best works for them and their business.

To learn more about the e-bonding process and how you can prepare yourself for this inevitable industry shift, please contact One of our knowledgeable surety brokers will respond within the next business day.

Call 1-800-668-3213 today for your surety and bond requirements.

We are proud to be members of the following associations:

The Surety Association of Canada

Edmonton Construction Association

Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association