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Whether it's for your annual Christmas party, a wedding shower, or you are renting Ice at the community arena, the venue you are hosting the event at often requires you to have facility rental insurance. This short-term rental insurance protects you against frivolous or nuisance claims that may arise. Facility rental / event insurance works by paying for any damages to the facility and your legal defense should you be found responsible for property damage or bodily injury that happened during your event.

If the property you are renting gets damaged, for example, this coverage may help pay for repairs. This insurance also protects you against legal liability from third-parties such as spectators, property owners, and any other individuals found to have suffered injuries as a result of your activities.

Facility rental insurance covers events taking place at venues such as:

  • Public Parks / Fairgrounds
  • Theatres / Churches
  • Recreation Centres / Community Halls
  • Arenas (note Participant Injury is not included)

NFP will name the property owner/operator as an Additional Insured. In layman’s terms, this gives assurance to the Property Owner that IF something happens during your rental, the damages will be covered. Short term rental insurance is only active when the facilities are being rented by you (the Insured) and while the facility is being used for the activity described on the application.

To make it easy for you, NFP has built an online tool that will provide you a quote, accept payment and immediately issue a Certificate of Insurance. This can be done within minutes allowing you to focus more on the details of your event than worrying about risk.

Expert Advice from NFP

Every event is different. The specifics of your facility rental insurance may change as well. To ensure that your coverage perfectly matches your needs, contact the experts at NFP! Our team of insurance professionals will help you find the perfect insurance coverage to ensure that your next big event is a rousing success! Facility / event insurance may help take your mind off of the "what ifs" and let you focus on your special occasion.

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