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The holiday season is here, which means more and more businesses will be decorating their offices and hosting holiday parties. Before your business gets into the festive mood, it's important for you to take extra precautions during the busy holiday season and offer employees an end-of-the-year refresher course on safety.

To accomplish this, keep in mind the following holiday safety tips:

  1. Ensure that any seasonal hires are familiar with safety procedures, their surroundings and responsibilities.
  2. Offer refresher courses on ladder safety and proper lifting techniques to ensure that, when it comes time to decorate, employees remain safe and healthy.
  3. Avoid using real candles in your decorations, opting for safer, battery-powered candles instead. In addition, try to use less flammable decorations, including items made of paper or cardboard.
  4. Keep all decorations away from heat or other ignition sources.
  5. Practice safe use of extension cords, taking care not to overload power strips or overextend plugs. Not only can extension cords create a tripping hazard, they can also cause fires if used improperly.
  6. Manage your inventory, ensuring that you are not overloading shelves. In some cases, heavy items can fall off of overstocked shelves and potentially harm employees or customers.
  7. Practise good housekeeping, ensuring that heavily-trafficked areas are free of tripping hazards.
  8. Ensure that your business is equipped with working fire and carbon monoxide detectors.
  9. Take care of live trees, keeping them far away from sources of heat. In addition, double-check that the tree isn?t leaning and is supported by a sturdy base.
  10. Follow manufacturer instructions for all holiday decorations and lights.

Keeping in mind these above tips will help your employees stay safe and healthy this holiday season. Contact Foster Park Brokers Inc for more safety tips.

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