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Flooding is the most frequent and costly natural disaster in Canada.

Water can enter your home through the foundation, walls, basement floors, doors, windows and other openings or as a result of spring runoff, downpours and many other natural causes.

Floods and water damage can occur anytime and homeowners are usually caught offguard and unprepared. It only takes a few centimetres of water to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. While home insurance policies may offer coverage for water damage from sewer backups or pipe bursts, they commonly exclude losses caused by overland floods.

Until recently, there was no option in the insurance marketplace in Canada for homeowners to purchase this type of coverage. Overland Flood Coverage is now available for all kinds of properties, including houses, condos and rental or seasonal residences.

Overland flood insurance is one of the only ways to protect against damage related to melting snow, excess rain and overflowing waterways.

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Protect your property from sudden losses related to run-off of surface waters.  

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